Sungold Weddings

 All  of our wedding packages are flexible and can be fine tuned to meet your  specific needs.  It is your wedding and should reflect your personal  tastes and budget.   We have several optional extras for you to consider with all  services being provided by top professionals with several years of  experience in their respective fields.       

There are several options available to you for venues on your wedding day.  From a beach ceremony at sunset to a grand cathedral, each venue has different requirements and associated costs, and you will be provided with those details.

Your Wedding Coordinator will assist you with all administration relating to  the wedding arrangements and the marriage license. This includes  booking the wedding date and confirming the exact date and time, all the  correspondence during the planning period, assistance with legalities,  papers and certificates and ensuring all documentation complies with  local regulations.

On arrival you will be shown the ceremony and reception venue  before the wedding, and we will arrange consultations with photographer, hair and make-up  etc. to go through all the fine detail, last minute tweaks and wedding  services. 

We ensure that when you walk down the aisle you'll know  exactly what happens next, leaving you free to enjoy your day. 


Our Wedding Packages

Croton Wedding Package


  •  Wedding coordinator services
  • Trip to the registry to acquire License
  • Marriage License
  • Wedding Certificate
  • Minister or Magistrate
  • Securing Venue
  • Single Tier Wedding Cake & Table.
  • Sparkling Wine for toasting.
  • Best Man, Maid of Honor and/or Witness if required.
  • Tropical Bridal Bouquet & Groom Corsage
  • Signing Table and Chair .

Ginger Lily Wedding Package


  • Croton Wedding Package plus
  • Champagne for toasting
  • Flowers for two bridesmaids and corsages for two grooms-men
  • Decorated Wedding Arch/or Gazebo/or 2 Pedestal Floral Arrangements
  • Hair and make-up for bride
  • Manicure for bride
  • Haircut for groom

Hibiscus Wedding Package


  • Ginger Lily Wedding Package plus 
  • Manicure and pedicure for bride
  • Couple's Massage.
  • Enhanced Wedding Cake & Table – two tier.
  • Canapes for up to 10 persons.
  • Enhanced Tropical Bridal Bouquet & Groom Corsage.
  • Flowers for up to eight attendants
  • Enhanced Signing Table and Chair.
  • Limousine for wedding day.
  •  Steel Pan music for ceremony.


Sungold Weddings - attention to every detail guaranteed.